On Wednesday 7th February we had our first Yr 7 and 8 inter-academy matches! We invited a Yr 7 and 8 team from our Lewisham Academies to come and play against a Yr 7 and 8 team from our Dulwich Academy. Both games were closely contested, the teams gave everything they had until the final whistle and the final scores for each match were;

Yr 7 Match – 8-7 to Lewisham
Yr 8 Match – 12-10 to Dulwich.

Players of the match were awarded to Solene and Lois from Dulwich and Paige and Nell from Lewisham. It was a great evening with lots of great netball played and 2 fantastic games to watch for parents and coaches. We are so lucky at Beacons to have such talented girls in both our Academies.