Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons Vs Sabina

Beacons 40 – Sabina 46

On Saturday 14th March Beacons 1st team played their match against Sabina.

We started off in the first quarter quite strong with quite a close score line although Sabina were still ahead. As we didn’t have our normal defence we had to cater for this and change round a few positions where Fiona Basham played GK. Although they were still in the lead we used our strong attack to bring back some of the goals. Sabina used a lot of overhead passes to get around us, so defensively we stuck on our players and moved around them to get the ball back.

As we only had seven players we had to change around positions within the team. Not too tired yet we had a stronger second quarter bringing back some of the goals but still 3or 2 goals behind. Everyone played very well, together using the space on the court very well.

We also brought in Victoria Newman from the second team who played a great defensive game. Although we fought hard for the ball, getting back the rebounds and sticking on our defence, we narrowly lost 46-40, however it was a very enjoyable game!

Written by Polly
Edited by Jade