Beacons Play Eclipse and Breakaways

Beacons Play Eclipse and Breakaways

On Saturday 22nd April, after a season of superb netball the U12’s and U14’s were through to the semi-finals of their respective leagues. Both teams took to the court nervous and excited but more then anything ready for action!

The U12’s played Eclipse where they dominated their game from early on and thanks to the amazing shooting of Madeline and Olivia our score surged ahead! The whole team performed exceptionally well making numerous valuable interceptions and showing fast and efficient passing down court. Vivienne and Daisy in defence restricted the opposition to scoring only 8 goals over the full 40 minutes of netball, they did a great job of winning rebounds, making interceptions and clearing the backlines. The opposition voted for Madeline as the player of the match, a well deserved title!

Overall we won the game 24-8 and are delighted to be going through to the finals taking place on 6th May where we will face Telstars!

Meanwhile the U14’s were playing Breakaways in a tense semi-finals. The girls seems to lack their usual confidence but regardless of that converted the goals and stopped the opposition at every opportunity. The teams court play was impressive and their intelligent netball secured them another win taking a 22-10 victory. This also means they will be competing in the finals on 6th May against Raiders!

The player of the match voted by the opposition was Katie F-W, great job Katie!

Beacons 1 & 5 Great Wins

Beacons 1 & 5 Great Wins

Saturday 25th February saw more great results for both Beacons 1 & 5!

Beacons 5 were playing first thing against Istead Rise after the fixture was cancelled earlier in the season due to icy court conditions. Despite the very blustery and deceptively chilly morning, the girls warmed up with their usual enthusiasm and amusing chatter and were ready for the challenge. Yet again they showed fantastic teamwork and took control of the game early on. Frankie and Ellese were under serious pressure competing with the wind to score every goal, yet their composure did not falter and they continued to sink the goals. Throughout the court our defence was impressive and we pressured every pass. Our circle defence had busy feet and were very effective at picking up rebounds and stopping the ball even getting into the circle.

We took a convincing win of 46-11 which now moves this team up into second place in their division!

Player of the match has to go to Scarlett who worked tirelessly throughout the game, she made countless interceptions and fed the shooters with pinpoint precision!

The first team played later in the afternoon but the weather conditions hadn’t improved at all! We took on a strong young KCNC team who seemed to have a small army of players ready to come on court! The team worked hard within their units to restrict shooting opportunities and get the ball to our shooters as often as possible.

With gust blowing from all directions our shooters had to keep their confidence and show resilience to the external factors. Despite leading throughout the game we were constantly under pressure from KCNC so we had to stay focused until the very final whistle. The match finished with a 39-28 win to Beacons!

Another win keeps us top of the table with 3 games to play until the end of the season! Player of the match goes to Saffron Hancock for her dominance in attack and fantastic movement on court along with her calm and collected shooting!

Well done to everyone who played! Another great set of results!

U12 League Report 2015-16

Beacons Under 12's

After an outstanding season the U12 squad made it through to the semi-finals of the U12 Rising Stars league, we faced Club Langley and after a confident start dominated the game, winning 25-5.

We then met Breakaways in the finals who we knew had been looking strong in previous weeks. It was a highly contested game with phenomenal netball being played by both sides. At the end of the first quarter Beacons were in the lead by 3 goals, we continued to build on this lead and thanks to the hard work and determination by every member in the squad our lead grew as each quarter went by.

The final score was 33-17 to Beacons. Thank you to all our supporters who turned up on mass to cheer on the team and a massive well done to the girls for their performances on the day.

What a fantastic way to end the season!

Overall stats for the U12 squad this season:
Matches played: 10
Matches won: 10
Goals scored: 348
Goals scored against us: 40
Final league position: 1st

Beacons Under 12's

Beacons Vs Wealden – Match Report

Beacons - Match ReportsBeacons Vs Wealden

Beacons 66 – Wealden 16

Beacons played Wealden on Saturday 28th March. It was a great game, with Beacons working tactically throughout the whole match. Wealden were a strong side with very skilled players and so Beacons had to work hard in order to maintain their lead throughout the game.

The match began with a slow start but half way through the first quarter Beacons began to speed up their play, making great interceptions all the way down court and shots at goal. Both Leah and Millie’s shooting was superb throughout the entire match, getting almost all their rebounds and converting them into goals if they didn’t get the ball in the net first time!

After each quarter substitutions were made, especially in the centre court, but this didn’t affect Beacons play, with all combinations working great on court, bringing the ball nicely down court and keeping possession.

A special mention to our GK Rachel, for making some impressive interceptions in the oppositions goal third, making it difficult for them to get the ball into their attacking circle at times!

The final score was 66-16 to Beacons, well done girls!

Written by Jade

Beacons Vs Sabina – Match Report

Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons Vs Sabina

Beacons 40 – Sabina 46

On Saturday 14th March Beacons 1st team played their match against Sabina.

We started off in the first quarter quite strong with quite a close score line although Sabina were still ahead. As we didn’t have our normal defence we had to cater for this and change round a few positions where Fiona Basham played GK. Although they were still in the lead we used our strong attack to bring back some of the goals. Sabina used a lot of overhead passes to get around us, so defensively we stuck on our players and moved around them to get the ball back.

As we only had seven players we had to change around positions within the team. Not too tired yet we had a stronger second quarter bringing back some of the goals but still 3or 2 goals behind. Everyone played very well, together using the space on the court very well.

We also brought in Victoria Newman from the second team who played a great defensive game. Although we fought hard for the ball, getting back the rebounds and sticking on our defence, we narrowly lost 46-40, however it was a very enjoyable game!

Written by Polly
Edited by Jade

Beacons Under16 Vs Wealden – Match Report

Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons Under16 Vs Wealden

Beacon Under 16’s 26 – Wealden 10

On Saturday 28th of February Beacons U16 played Wealden. It was very cold and
windy, however our shooters did very well. Throughout the game the defence was
solid and got many rebounds, despite a tall shooter.

In the final quarter we only conceded 1 goal and only 10 goals over all.
Throughout the game, all of centre court played consistently with lots of interceptions and tips.

Despite the harsh conditions our shooters managed to score 26 goals. They were able to get the ball through a tough defence during the match and the final score was 26-10 to us. A great result!

Special thanks to Damaris, Sophie and Leah who step in to play for the U16 and also to Hermione who played amazingly out of position for this match, and battled through an injury.

The well-deserved player of the match was Leah.

Written by Caitlin
Edited by Jade