Oh What A Night!

Our Awards Evening took place on Friday 21st June and there were plenty of awards up for grabs for both our squads and our Academies!

Thank you to all our players and their families, and also our coaches, for all the hard work you all put into training sessions and matches.  We can’t wait for the next season and new year of academies to start!

As promised, here are the winners!

2018/19 Squad Winners:

U12 Player of the Season – Alice McMellin

U14 Player of the Season – Ruby Barr

U14 Player(s) of the Season – Roshanak Li-Sue Foulds and Gaby Stein

5th Team Player of the Season – Freya Williams

4th Team Player of the Season – Megan Basham

3rd Team Player of the Season – Tilly Evans

2nd Team Player of the Season – Esme Adams

1st Team Player of the Season – Amber Dirrane

U12 Player’s Player – Lois Levy and Grace Turner

U14 Player’s Player – Ella Misell

U14 Player’s Player – Eloise Jannaway

5th Team Player’s Player – Lois Gooding and Olivia McAuliffe

4th Team Player’s Player – Annys Thirkell-Jones

3rd Team Player’s Player – Tilly Evans

2nd Team Player’s Player – Makeda Thomas

1st Team Player’s Player – Saskia Lister

Most Improved Player – Cecily Clayden, Kit Walters, Kirsten McMellin, Polly Murphy

Club Commitment Award – Esme Adam

Club Member of the Year – Ruby Rayner

2018/19 Academy Winners:

Star Player – Isi Holdom, Lottie Johnston, Sofia Bousatta, Lucy Chamberlain, Emily Dyer, Milla Dao

Star Player Runners Up – September Pearce, Heidi Bentham, Gargy Stroff, Inez Williams, Holly Duncan, Emmanuelle Dumont, Mireira Flavian Ban

Most Improved Player – Orla Hogwood, Laura Pacciana, Inez Fisher, Millie Hale, Tara Van den Burg, Emily Osborn, Charlotte Leamon, Alice Ducci

Most Improved Player Runners Up – Zahra Ahmad, Scheherazade Scarlett, Freya Palmer, Sofia Gimenez-Zapiola, Eva-Mae Sauzay, Solene Montfort, Kiki Plekkepoel, Amy Booth, Holly Bussell

Most Potential Player – Pyale Wifa, Allegra Carver, Felicity Oliver, Amelie Willis, Thalia Szollosi, Wilma Williamson

Most Potential Player Runners Up – Rosa Cotter-Wood, Ava Jannaway, Jasmine Delsol, Mary Douglas, Emily Cadman, Aurelie Munga, Tessa Chapman

Summer Stars – Meadow Pooley, Sara Rees, Hero Parry, Poppy Lockhart, Olivia Codington, Nina Grassie, Rhiannon Braadshaw, Eliza Spencer-Pattman, Aiden McHenry, Noemi Klanga, Filippa Sonne-Rudd, Lucy Gardiner, Bella Thompson, Emily Harrison, Jayani Thananchayan, Erin Cheong, Liyanda Nxara, Anisa Hussien

We’ll have more photos to share – watch this space!