The first game of the season saw the 4th team take on Wilsons, now this game was tough from the first whistle! Wilsons were a very physical team and it took the girls some time to adjust their play to this. The game was nail-biting, with the score going back and forth every quarter, with some fantastic circle defence in the last quarter they finally managed to end the game with a 29-27 win to us, yay! The second game of the season was against Hornets and we took a while to settle into the game and get used to some different combinations. However, as the quarters went on we worked hard and continued to make intercepts and score the goals. After a tense and exciting game, the team achieved a 23-23 draw. The next game was against our very own Beacons 5, this was an interesting game from the first whistle with both teams out for the win, both teams worked well down the court and there was some lovely shooting. The game was a pleasure to watch and the end score was 15-23 to Beacons 5, but a good game for both teams. Beacons 4 then took on Daggers, with it being a horrible windy and wet day it was not a good game for shooters and we struggled to get the ball in the net. This was a tough game and unfortunately, it wasn’t our day with the score ending 17 -15 to Daggers. They are currently 5th in their division.

In their first game of the season the 5th team put on a great show against an experienced Blackheath Wanderers Team, we took the lead early on but first game nerves meant we made a few mistakes. However, the girls found their stride and worked as a team to finally win the game 31-19, a great way to start the season! The 5th team had a tough game on their hands against Club Langley 3 but nothing phases this group of wonderful netball players. They took to the court with confidence and worked tirelessly as a team. They stayed calm through every obstacle and came out triumphantly with a 31-24 win. The next game saw the girls come up against Telstars 6, we knew this would be a tough game coming up a well-drilled team but the girls had a good warm-up and were ready to go. Unfortunately, it was a very dull/windy day and this did not help our performance, we started off well with good movement but we struggled to get the ball to the shooters with balls being turned over a lot in midcourt. The girls dug deep in the 2nd quarter but at halftime we were still down by about 10 goals, in the 3rd and 4th quarter we struggled with passing and getting free, unfortunately we lost the game 21-45, but this was a learning curve for the girls and had just made them more determined to win next time around. The girls now stand at 3rd in their division, fantastic start for
these young players!