Summer 2020: Online Sessions

Join us online this Summer!

6 weeks of Summer sessions starting from 6th July

Following the success of our Half Term sessions we are delighted to launch a new look Summer Term with online zoom sessions now open for bookings! It is incredibly important to stay active and motivated and ensure you keep your skills going until we can meet for face to face training in our Academies!

There are a number of different sessions available to book on to and covering a variety of ages including adults!  Please take a look at what each different session will involve and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to book.

Fitness Sessions:

These sessions will not require any equipment and will be purely fitness based using a HIIT training structure to emulate the fitness required for netball.  They are open to all ages including over 18s.

Shooting Sessions:

For these sessions you will require a netball and a netball post to take part. These sessions will be based on developing good shooting technique and improving accuracy and consistency as well as giving players ideas for how to practise at home.

Netball Skills Sessions:

For these sessions you will require a netball. These sessions will be focused around developing ball handling skills, as well as landing & footwork skills and netball specific movement skills.

Animal Flow Sessions:

You will not need any equipment for this session. Animal Flow is a creative ground based movement class using bodyweight and is great for strength, mobility, flexibility, proprioception and balance. It is fun, creative and challenging.  They are open to all ages including over 18s.

How to Book

Please read the following information before booking. 

Please note that only bookings following our booking procedures will be accepted, so please ensure you have read our full Zoom Terms and Guidance, which are viewable here, and are also downloadable within the booking form.  You must confirm that you have read these prior to submitting your booking.

There are two options for booking as highlighted in our Payment Information section below.  Please read this information carefully to ensure you choose the option that best suits your requirements.

If your booking form is incomplete it will not be submitted, so once you have hit the Submit button, please ensure you allow the page to refresh and check it has been successfully submitted (you will see a green message at the top of the form).

Once the form has been submitted, please make payment immediately. The BACS details are provided on the booking form and in our Terms and Guidance.  If you have trouble retrieving this information, please email us at and we will forward these on to you.

Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis and once we have received both a booking form and payment.

You will then receive an email confirming your place and the zoom log-in details for your session.

Please make sure you are free to make the sessions you book as we would like to make these available to as many of our players as possible.  Our Zoom Terms and Conditions clearly state our policy on non-attendance.

Payment Information

Individual sessions: £6 per player

Zoom Pass (10 sessions): £45 per player

If you opt for the Zoom Pass, please complete our booking form to purchase the pass first.

Please then make payment (as detailed on the booking form).

On receipt of a confirmation email from us, please return to the booking page to book your sessions.  You do this by selecting the “Individual Sessions” option in the “I would like to book” section, to choose the sessions you wish to attend.

You do not need to book all 10 sessions in one go.

Dates and Times of Sessions

MONDAY sessions:

6th July / 13th July / 20th July / 27th July / 3rd August / 10th August

9.30am: Open Fitness  – All age groups inc over 18s
6pm: Development Shooting – Yrs 4 – 8
7pm: Advanced Shooting – Yr 9+ (and Squad members from Yrs 7 & 8 )

TUESDAY sessions:

7th July / 14th July / 21st July / 28th July / 4th August / 11th August

7pm: Netball Skills – Yrs 5 – 8

WEDNESDAY sessions:

8th July / 15th July / 22nd July / 29th July / 5th August / 12th August

4pm: Netball Skills – Yrs 2 – 4
5pm: Netball Skills – Yrs 5 & 6

THURSDAY sessions:

9th July / 16th July / 23rd July / 30th July / 6th August / 13th August

6pm: Netball Skills – Yrs 7 & 8 
7pm: Netball Skills – Yrs 9+

FRIDAY sessions:

10th July / 17th July / 24th July / 31st July / 7th August / 14th August

9.30am Animal Flow – All age groups inc over 18s

All sessions will last 50 minutes.  Please ensure you are wearing the appropriate sports clothing and footwear for the sessions and have a bottle of water close by.  We also ask that you spend about 10 minutes warming up before the session starts.

Please remember that all Netball Skills sessions will require a netball and Shooting sessions will require a netball and a netball post.

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