All the fun and games of Christmas week at our Academies!

All the fun and games of Christmas week at our Academies!

In the first week of December, we had our end of term Christmas celebrations! The fun and laughter were endless and the girls had a great time taking part in all our Christmas activities including, Netball Quizzes, Relay Races, The Malteser Challenge, Shooting Competitions, Christmas Outfit making challenges and of course a Christmas netball tournament!

In each academy we split the girls into 4 teams, they had a captain and vice-captain who were in charge of the team, where they had to be during the sessions and who played in what position in the matches. They had to come up with a Christmas team name and we had some brilliant names such as; Santa and his Elves, Rudolph the Black Nose Reindeer (they had black bibs for the games) and Avo Merry Christmas which was our fav! The girls knew it was all to play for as the winning team would receive a chocolately price YUM!!

The girls got the play all of the teams in a netball tournament and whether they won, drew or lost it would earn them a certain amount of points. They also had a netball quiz and they had to answer 15 or 16 questions in their groups and there score would be added to their other points. They had some interesting questions such as; How long is an international netball match, Who’s the England netball captain and How many players on a netball court (which caught a few out!). The girls all did really well in the quiz’s and earned some valuable points! They also had a shooting challenge to do where they had 2 minutes to score as many goals in their team as they could and however many they got it would be totalled up added to the points they already had. Last but no means least we had the Malteser challenge which wasn’t how many Maltesers they could eat, damn! They had to use a straw and suck through it to pick up the Maltesers from a cup and move them to a plate at the end of a box, which is not as easy as you might think!

With the older girls Academies, we also did a dress up challenge, they were given a roll of tin foil, a toilet roll, pipe cleaners and cello tape. They had to choose a model and create an outfit out of the supplies they had been given! We had some absolutely fantastic outfits with great accessories to go with it which made our job as coaches to choose the winners so difficult! With our youngest academy, we also did some relay races with balloons, a bauble and spoon race as well as Malteser challenge with a twist! This time the girls had a really small spoon and had to pick up the Malteser from the cup and walk over a bench and then along the court to put it into a cup at the end but if they dropped it the Malteser died and they couldn’t pick it back up!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Beacons, see you all next year!