Player Match Report #2: Hermione

Player Match Report #2: Hermione

Player Match Report #2

Name: Hermione

Status: Beacons 1 Captain

Match Report:

“The 1st team has had an excellent start to the season, winning both of our first two games! Our first game was against New Edition, a team who had played in the division above us last season, giving them lots of experience and competitive games. The team quickly adjusted to playing together, with Caitlin and Danielle putting up a strong front in defence helping us to win the game convincingly. Our second game was against Westcombe Park, a team that some of us remember playing against, and losing to, last season. Teamwork and perseverance from all players on court meant we were able to pull away towards the end of the game, taking the win. We have continued to work hard in developing our individual skills at training, which will enable us to play more efficiently as a unit in our future games.”


Hermione has shown exactly how grit and determination can achieve your goals! Having joined Beacons in 2011, Hermione trialled out for the squads and gained a place in Beacons 5, just two years later in 2013.  Now 5 years on, at 17 and in her final year at school, Hermione has worked hard to move up through the ranks to Beacons 1 where she is a first class Shooter and now Captain in this her 2nd season as part of the team.

Player Match Report #1: Lois

Player Match Report #1: Lois

Player Match Report #1

Name: Lois

Status: U12 Squad Captain

Beacons U12 vs Eclipse White

Match Report:

·        Saturday 22nd September
·        Beacons U12 vs Eclipse White
·        Score: 18-2
“This match was on a cold rainy day. So much in fact, we couldn’t hold
the ball properly! But that didn’t stop us from having a great match. We
had no subs on the day, so everyone played a full 40mins. It warmed us
up! The match went very smoothly and we all played up to standard. The
rain didn’t stop us!”

·        Saturday 29th September
·        Beacons U12 vs Swanley White
·        Score: 48-0
“Today was the opposite weather to last week. The sun was shining, and we
were all determined to play a good, fun game. The other team didn’t have
enough players to play a full team, as one of the players sadly got
injured at the start of the first quarter – one of our team had to step
in for each quarter. I also played GA which I don’t usually play so the
match was fun! Everyone played very, very well.”

Lois joined Beacons when she was in Year 5, and it was clear to see what talent she showed on the court.  Her determination to shine through paid off when after a year, Lois was selected, a year early in Year 6, to the U12 squad.  Having been in the Squad line up for two years now, Lois has risen to the challenge and is embracing her position as Captain.  Not only is Lois a rising Netball Star she is also a U13 County Athlete. GO LOIS!

Beacons Squads Starting Strong

Beacons Squads Starting Strong

With the new season starting a few weeks ago, it’s been a fantastic run so far for the Beacons netball squads. They are training hard and having fun at the same time which is what we at Beacons strongly believe in!

The five senior squads have had a busy time since the beginning of the season competing in the North West Kent league. The 1st team had a great opening game on September 8th against New Edition and came out strong with a 47-39 win!

Matches on 29th September saw all the teams working hard and showing a great amount of skill on the court. Beacons 2 gained a win this week after a previous draw, as did Beacons 3 who held their own and secured a win against Abbey Angels, whilst Beacons 4 and Beacons 5 had tough games against Chislehurst and Sabina which meant not a win for either team this time but the experience gained and persistence shown on court was inspiring for all watching and all the girls should be very pleased with how they performed.

Beacons U12 and U14 squads are also completing in the Rising Star junior netball league this year.
Our U12 squad have had a great opening to their first league experience, with two consecutive wins under their belt, they are looking like a force to be reckoned with. The first match against Eclipse saw them win 17-2 and the following week an even more impressive result of 47-0 against Swanley. The girls are truly an inspiration!

The U14s are also showing that hard work plays off with lightening performances resulting in wins against Breakaways (29-2) and Club Langley (42-1) so far.

This was followed by a stunning performance by our U16 Junior County League squad in their Qualifying tournament to secure their league place, winning all three matches played (48-11, 52-13, 44-13).

A staggering 638 goals have been scored so far this season across all our teams and just 381 conceded!!

We are super proud of all the effort and determination that every member puts into both training and competitive match play and we can’t wait to see how the season progresses for all of them.

Beacons Squad Update

Beacons Squad Update

Beacons Squad Update – February 2018

Since the last story, our squad girls have been doing better and better! Beacons 1 are currently mid-table in their division and having a very strong season. They have won 5 out of there 11 games and only narrowly missing out on losses, which is a fantastic achievement as they were promoted last year.

The 2nd team are 3rd in their division having won 6 out of their 10 games played, they are pushing hard and hoping to get into the top 2 places for a promotion next season. Beacons 3 are currently sitting top of the table yay! They have won all of their games played and done so convincingly, we are on a great road to promotion! Keep up the good work 3s!

The 4ths are having a much stronger second half to their season and are aiming to climb up their division over the last few games. Beacons 5 are currently sitting in 3rd place as well and will be pushing to get in top 2 positions for promotion.

All in all, we are having a great season and with only a few games left we will be pushing on to make sure we finish strong and get some promotions!

Beacons Squad trials for the 2016/17

Beacons Squad trials for the 2016/17

Beacons Squad trials for the 2016/17 season are taking place on 4th & 6th September.

If you would like to trial for one of our teams please visit the website and submit your trial form asap!

Beacons Squads

Deadline Wednesday 31st August!

Trials are open to anyone from Yr 7 upwards. We will also consider experienced Yr6’s for our U12 squad.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! Look forward to seeing everyone for another exciting and successful season!