Player Match Report #1: Lois

Player Match Report #1: Lois

Player Match Report #1

Name: Lois

Status: U12 Squad Captain

Beacons U12 vs Eclipse White

Match Report:

·        Saturday 22nd September
·        Beacons U12 vs Eclipse White
·        Score: 18-2
“This match was on a cold rainy day. So much in fact, we couldn’t hold
the ball properly! But that didn’t stop us from having a great match. We
had no subs on the day, so everyone played a full 40mins. It warmed us
up! The match went very smoothly and we all played up to standard. The
rain didn’t stop us!”

·        Saturday 29th September
·        Beacons U12 vs Swanley White
·        Score: 48-0
“Today was the opposite weather to last week. The sun was shining, and we
were all determined to play a good, fun game. The other team didn’t have
enough players to play a full team, as one of the players sadly got
injured at the start of the first quarter – one of our team had to step
in for each quarter. I also played GA which I don’t usually play so the
match was fun! Everyone played very, very well.”

Lois joined Beacons when she was in Year 5, and it was clear to see what talent she showed on the court.  Her determination to shine through paid off when after a year, Lois was selected, a year early in Year 6, to the U12 squad.  Having been in the Squad line up for two years now, Lois has risen to the challenge and is embracing her position as Captain.  Not only is Lois a rising Netball Star she is also a U13 County Athlete. GO LOIS!

Beacons Squads Starting Strong

Beacons Squads Starting Strong

With the new season starting a few weeks ago, it’s been a fantastic run so far for the Beacons netball squads. They are training hard and having fun at the same time which is what we at Beacons strongly believe in!

The five senior squads have had a busy time since the beginning of the season competing in the North West Kent league. The 1st team had a great opening game on September 8th against New Edition and came out strong with a 47-39 win!

Matches on 29th September saw all the teams working hard and showing a great amount of skill on the court. Beacons 2 gained a win this week after a previous draw, as did Beacons 3 who held their own and secured a win against Abbey Angels, whilst Beacons 4 and Beacons 5 had tough games against Chislehurst and Sabina which meant not a win for either team this time but the experience gained and persistence shown on court was inspiring for all watching and all the girls should be very pleased with how they performed.

Beacons U12 and U14 squads are also completing in the Rising Star junior netball league this year.
Our U12 squad have had a great opening to their first league experience, with two consecutive wins under their belt, they are looking like a force to be reckoned with. The first match against Eclipse saw them win 17-2 and the following week an even more impressive result of 47-0 against Swanley. The girls are truly an inspiration!

The U14s are also showing that hard work plays off with lightening performances resulting in wins against Breakaways (29-2) and Club Langley (42-1) so far.

This was followed by a stunning performance by our U16 Junior County League squad in their Qualifying tournament to secure their league place, winning all three matches played (48-11, 52-13, 44-13).

A staggering 638 goals have been scored so far this season across all our teams and just 381 conceded!!

We are super proud of all the effort and determination that every member puts into both training and competitive match play and we can’t wait to see how the season progresses for all of them.

U14s and U12s Junior Teams season update!

U14s and U12s Junior Teams season update!

The first game of the season for the Under 14s saw them take to the court against Swanley and the girls dominated the game from the off! They moved the ball down the court very quickly, defended tirelessly throughout and shooting accuracy was on point throughout. The game finished 49-1 to Beacons, fantastic way to start the season. The team then took on Hornets and this talented team of youngsters showed their flare and skill on court dominating the game from the beginning. They took an early lead and continued to build the scoreline throughout all four quarters. The final score was a well-deserved 26-5. With two great wins in the bag, the girls were confident for their next game against Crystal Palace, the defence had a great game from the off, limiting shooting opportunities for the other team and turning over the ball. We stayed focus and calm throughout the game despite playing against a strong opposition and supported each other down court to assist the shooters. The game was a great for spectators as well as for all girls involved and in the end, finished 17-10 to Beacons. On the 4th November, our U14 squad had a doubleheader, their first match against Breakaways was intense with both teams scoring consistently! The whole squad worked hard for each other and despite leading a few times during the match, we entered the final quarter on a draw! It was vital to stay calm and collected for the last quarter. We looked after the ball and were focused on making good decisions. After the longest 10 minutes, the final whistle blew with a final score of 16-14 to Beacons! Next up was Raiders, a team we knew would be strong from playing against them in last year’s U14 finals. Raiders took an early lead with some fast and effective playdown court, however, we never gave up and quietly worked on regaining possession and making the most of every opportunity. In the third quarter, we had started dominating the play on the court and had pulled the score back to within a few goals. With determination and pure grit we fought back and took the lead with 3 minutes left on the clock. When the final whistle went we were delighted to take a 21-19 victory! Both games were fantastic junior netball matches and we are currently unbeaten!

The U12s first match of the season was always going to be about the girls getting used to a new team and all the girls in the squad. Unfortunately, despite playing their socks off they narrowly lost to CFX. However, in the 2nd game of the season, it was onwards and upwards for these girls as our talented youngsters played Hornets. All 9 players were ready for action despite the cold/windy conditions. They started strongly and moved the ball down court with speed and accuracy, as well as our super shooters consistently popping those goals in which meant the score just grew and grew. The girls also did a fantastic job of as a team of intercepting the ball all over the court and backing up in both attack and defence. The final score ended 39-2 to Beacons, what a brilliant performance!

Beacons U12’s Crowned Champions!

Beacons U12’s Crowned Champions!

U12’s Crowned Champions!

Our U12 squad had their league finals on Saturday 6th of May. The team were nervous but determined and have been working hard towards this day all season.

We started the match a little shaky with some wild passes and silly decision making which unfortunately led to Telstars taking an early lead. However after we settled into the game we started to play our game of netball, using the space on court and moving the ball quickly between players.

It was great to see the communication both on and off the court from the whole squad who worked and worked to make the most of every opportunity. With some great defence and turn overs we were able to catch up the score and draw level during the final quarter. We continued to push forward, determined to score another goal and another. After a thrilling 40 minutes of netball the final whistle went with a score of 13-11 to Beacons!

The team and supporters were ecstatic and the squad were awarded with their thoroughly deserved gold medals. An outstanding performance from this amazing team. They have had such a wonderful season and have showed both talent and maturity beyond their years! I am so proud of this squad who have been a pleasure to coach. I am certain that these girls will continue to thrive and develop their netball even further.

Thank you to all the supporters who came to watch the game, you are a hugely appreciated part of the Beacons Family!

Beacons Play Eclipse and Breakaways

Beacons Play Eclipse and Breakaways

On Saturday 22nd April, after a season of superb netball the U12’s and U14’s were through to the semi-finals of their respective leagues. Both teams took to the court nervous and excited but more then anything ready for action!

The U12’s played Eclipse where they dominated their game from early on and thanks to the amazing shooting of Madeline and Olivia our score surged ahead! The whole team performed exceptionally well making numerous valuable interceptions and showing fast and efficient passing down court. Vivienne and Daisy in defence restricted the opposition to scoring only 8 goals over the full 40 minutes of netball, they did a great job of winning rebounds, making interceptions and clearing the backlines. The opposition voted for Madeline as the player of the match, a well deserved title!

Overall we won the game 24-8 and are delighted to be going through to the finals taking place on 6th May where we will face Telstars!

Meanwhile the U14’s were playing Breakaways in a tense semi-finals. The girls seems to lack their usual confidence but regardless of that converted the goals and stopped the opposition at every opportunity. The teams court play was impressive and their intelligent netball secured them another win taking a 22-10 victory. This also means they will be competing in the finals on 6th May against Raiders!

The player of the match voted by the opposition was Katie F-W, great job Katie!