Beacons Vs Electra – Match Report

Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons Vs Electra

Beacons 64 – Electra 31

On Saturday 14 the February Beacons 1st team played Electra. It was a great game and the weather managed to hold for us for out game.

We did have our full team but kindly Emily and Kat, for Beacons 2 volunteer to help us and they both played superb in the centre court, getting
many interceptions which allowed us to turn convert thee turn overs into goals.

Both Leah and Millie’s shooting was excellent, with both shooters shooting from anywhere inside the D. Everyone worked really had in both attack and defence. Emily I made many interceptions in the oppositions shooting circle,
stopping the opposition from shooting on many occasions.

Beacons played the ball safely down court into our shooting third and the final score was 64-31.

Well Done girls!

Written by Jade

Beacons 1st vs Electra – Match Report

Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons 1st vs Electra

Beacons 52 – Electra 36

On 11th of October Beacons 1st played against Electra.
Electra were a strong side with very good shooters. The match was hard, especially because from the very start the weather was very bad and it was raining heavily. This proved a new and difficult challenge for Beacons as well because our opposition were strong in both attack and defence.

However as a team, we adapted our style of play to accommodate the slippery conditions on court and worked the ball nicely down court, making short quick passes from defence, right through to attack.

Although the playing conditions were not ideal due to the wet weather, this didn’t affect Leah or Millie’s shooting in the slightest. Both girls worked the ball into the circle and scored great goals.

Similarly our defence continued to make lots of interceptions down court, especially Emily and Rachel in our defensive circle. No substitutions were made throughout the match. Due to the combined efforts of the whole team, Beacons had at least a 10 or more goal lead throughout the match against Electra.

The final score was 52-36.