Beacons Vs Wealden – Match Report

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Beacons 66 – Wealden 16

Beacons played Wealden on Saturday 28th March. It was a great game, with Beacons working tactically throughout the whole match. Wealden were a strong side with very skilled players and so Beacons had to work hard in order to maintain their lead throughout the game.

The match began with a slow start but half way through the first quarter Beacons began to speed up their play, making great interceptions all the way down court and shots at goal. Both Leah and Millie’s shooting was superb throughout the entire match, getting almost all their rebounds and converting them into goals if they didn’t get the ball in the net first time!

After each quarter substitutions were made, especially in the centre court, but this didn’t affect Beacons play, with all combinations working great on court, bringing the ball nicely down court and keeping possession.

A special mention to our GK Rachel, for making some impressive interceptions in the oppositions goal third, making it difficult for them to get the ball into their attacking circle at times!

The final score was 66-16 to Beacons, well done girls!

Written by Jade

Beacons Under16 Vs Wealden – Match Report

Beacons - Match Reports

Beacons Under16 Vs Wealden

Beacon Under 16’s 26 – Wealden 10

On Saturday 28th of February Beacons U16 played Wealden. It was very cold and
windy, however our shooters did very well. Throughout the game the defence was
solid and got many rebounds, despite a tall shooter.

In the final quarter we only conceded 1 goal and only 10 goals over all.
Throughout the game, all of centre court played consistently with lots of interceptions and tips.

Despite the harsh conditions our shooters managed to score 26 goals. They were able to get the ball through a tough defence during the match and the final score was 26-10 to us. A great result!

Special thanks to Damaris, Sophie and Leah who step in to play for the U16 and also to Hermione who played amazingly out of position for this match, and battled through an injury.

The well-deserved player of the match was Leah.

Written by Caitlin
Edited by Jade